Being coached by Gabi has been one of the most joyous and enlightening experiences of my life.  Directly because of Gabi’s coaching, I found what I really wanted to do. Not only did Gabi expertly unleash the new me in my work life but she helped me untangle some rather complex personal nets.   She is undoubtedly born to this field. I do not intend giving up my coaching with Gabi.  It has become a vital part of my life for which I will always be grateful.”

Sue Hirschson

“I found Gabi to have great understanding and instinct and her ability to hold a space completely objectively is a huge skill. Gabi gave me the tools to effect necessary thought processes and bring about required change. Gabi has a true passion and ability for Personal & Leadership Development Coaching.”

Heidi Rowley – Western Cape Branch Manager; Reach For A Dream Foundation

What clients say
What clients say
What clients say
“Gabi has the remarkable ability to work professionally yet create a sense of comfort in an informal environment – this is unique.  Goals and objectives were established upfront and kept in sight throughout each session. She has the ability to bring a completely neutral (objective) approach to all discussions. By providing constant support, giving me her full undivided attention and encouraging me with her inspiring positive outlook and passion she added huge value to the growth in my career. Gabi has truly been a blessing.”

Lisa Boonzaier – Customer Care & Outbound Admin Controller – Western Cape – THE SPAR GROUP LTD

Over the years I have been lucky enough to benefit from working with some seriously experienced coaches, and I can honestly say Gabi is a natural.  Not only is she intuitive and authentic but she understands the context and dynamic of trying to find a work life balance. She does not cross the boundaries into therapist and uses a variety of methods to get to the core of what it is you want to develop.Thanks to Gabi for helping me see my strengths and giving me the tools and direction to pursue my new goals with renewed rigour and enthusiasm. I have grown as a direct result of her guidance and coaching.”

Debbie Ihlenfeldt

“Gabi’s sessions have been my rock and I look forward to my time with her. I feel completely at ease, I trust her without a doubt and there is absolutely no judgement from her. She has outstanding listening skills, is eloquent and warmly firm with an enormous capacity for empathy. She has been gifted with an amazing amount of understanding of real human trauma which I personally feel has catapulted Gabi into an outstanding development and business coach. I am eternally grateful to have had Gabi cross my path and look forward to the journey ahead.”

Brigitte Jenkinson

“Gabi manages to quietly and confidently coax from me identification of the critical pathways to success in various endeavours both personal and commercial. Goal information and prioritisation are crucial elements of our sessions together as well as, for example, understanding the root causes of self-sabotage. Mindfulness is constantly used as an anchor to the conversation. The sessions have helped me immeasurably in formulating clear, attainable objectives for both long and short term. Gabi is smart, attentive and gentle in her approach, allowing and promoting maximum input from me as the client. Gabi is a natural born coach, and fully worth it.” 

James G W Gubb ; Sole DIrector JAG Investments (Pty) LTD.

“Gabi, is a sensitive, insightful, intuitive coach, who came alongside me through the difficult stages on my journey through a big life transition. Her process was seamless and the space she gave me to explore my current reality and options felt so safe. Her incredible ability to ask just the right questions enabled me to see I had so many more options than I could ever have seen alone. Her support and encouragement gave me strength and courage to achieve my goal. I couldn’t have done it without her Coaching Nest… she is an incredible person and coach.”

Trudy Blake, Trucollab.

“I recently completed a course of 6 coaching sessions with Gabi and have grown tremendously within myself. She imparted powerful messages gently and firmly with kindness and consideration. My goal was to grow in business but the result was so powerful that not only did my growth touch work, but every area of my life. Subtly, Gabi managed to lead me to notice what was holding me back … I am enjoying life so much more, embracing good changes and leaving the unpleasant ones behind – finding a new solution to the areas in my life where I am uncomfortable, looking at them from a different angle. My plan is to continue my growth, and my wish is that I can continually slot into a series of sessions with Gabi whenever I require further empowerment.”

Susan Heydenrych, The Pacific Group

“Gabi  has been an absolute blessing in my life. Being someone who does not easily open up about my thoughts, Gabi has certainly mastered the perfect balance of part thought provoker, part strategist, and part cheerleader in my life making me feel completely comfortable to share whatever was on my mind.   Gabi has an incredible ability for knowing when to use her  skills to bring out a clarity of purpose and desire that is often hard to pinpoint on your own. She has a way of repackaging your own, sometimes confusing thoughts in a way that adds meaningful direction. Gabi taught me that there are no quick fixes in life, although I really wanted to believe that, she instead equipped me with something far more meaningful and powerful, the strength and ability to consciously  deal with anything that comes my way. Gabi’s intuitive skills are amazing and I am so grateful to know such a beautiful soul.”

Lisa Guscott, Associate Wealth Manager, Wealth and Investment, Standard Bank