We are all under immense pressure, pressure that feels corrosive. Just as you find your center, another piece of challenging news insidiously finds its way into your space. Staying engaged, courageous, positive and functional can feel hard, and I for one have noticed a massive increase in people’s general levels of anxiety which can lead us to behave in unfamiliar and destructive ways. We cannot counteract this if we don’t become the observer and regulator of our own thoughts and feelings.

Finding daily times for reflection that allow you to “come home to yourself” may sound like a ‘new age’ tool but is in fact essential right now. Constant stimuli knock us off balance and threaten our equilibrium on a minute-by-minute basis.

But, in reality finding your center is tougher than it sounds AND it is the very foundation of learning to cope with and process difficult emotions.

There is a place inside of ourselves, deep down inside, that can fill you up again with hope, kindness and gentleness if you allow it a voice, if you listen. And from this fertile soil of hope and gratitude grow the seeds of creativity, of authenticity and of creative solutions. They are not to be found in tension, angst and fear .. they reside only in the wellspring of generosity of spirit, of allowing. You hold the elixir of hope inside of you, don’t ignore it, create the time and space to hear your inner wisdom.