There is no path to healing or resolution without facing down the brutal truth of any given situation, dynamic or event. Be it as large as devastating pain and loss, or as simple as a challenging  dynamic at work or at home, the best place to start to really find a way forward is to examine and explore, on every level, the truth of things as they are, rather than how we want them to be.

When we work from a place of what IS then all our thinking, all our feeling, all our doing and all our values are founded on a place of authenticity and integrity. This is when you can do your best thinking and really start working out how to move forward.

The language we use to describe a situation, the words we choose when we are telling ourselves “stories” and assuming how other people see something, our demanding thoughts, are all uniquely powerful and inform our thinking and influence our world. Put down the hundreds of stories you are telling yourself, put down all the assumptions you are making, understand what you are filtering out and what you are letting in, own your part in the story, understand your part in how it ‘could be’ or ‘should be’ or you ‘would like it to be’, put down your patterned behaviours and start with one thing only – the brutal truth. Stare it down, face it from ALL angles. If you are honest enough to sit with what IS and not what you think should be you will find you have the power to make a REAL choice … the choice as to how to respond authentically.