Even the most driven, energised and self-disciplined people I know go through periods of time when it is hard to self-motivate and to keep doing what we know we should be doing. Whether over-worked, overwhelmed, stressed or just plain fatigued I don’t believe the antidote to lack of motivation lies in our will to push through …. I think it lies in our intent.

Accessing and better understanding your intent around an action can help it come alive and make it three dimensional. The principal applies to just about any scenario, from going for a run tomorrow to maintaining a relationship with your mother-in-law. Let’s say for example that your intention is to resolve a conflict with a work colleague. You know you should do it but you’re demotivated and don’t feel like facing it; getting back in touch with your intent may make it easier. Start by acknowledging and understanding your intent – examine it honestly. Is my intention to show a display of power or to resolve the conflict? Am I doing it because I should or I want to? Why do I want to and how do I want to? Once you understand your intent try to make it three dimensional – write it down, clear the space and the time in your calendar, imagine the various scenarios and run them through in your mind, share your intention with a partner, friend, or family member (sharing your intention will help hold you accountable), and finally change the energy around your intention by being authentic with it.

There is a far better chance of following through on something you’re lacking motivation for when you have surfaced and examined your intent  – relying solely on willpower can become exhausting whereas the energy of intent can be limitless and powerful.  Our intent matters.

Gabi Lowe

July 2017